Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Places in the World to Pee

Can you imagine planning a trip around this?? I'll admit - I've been in the men's room at the Madonna Inn... but didn't pee there for lack of privacy.
I'll tell you though, next time I'm in Branson, Missouri...!

Best Places in the World to Pee

Here's a little preview:
The Madonna Inn Men's Room:

Branson, Missouri Theater:

Via shelterrific

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Amylynn said...

ha ha! I'm in a small group with couples about five to ten to twenty years older than me. They oldest couple goes to Branson every year and the other couples complain about their parents going. So I told them that I'd really know my parents are OLD when they go to MO. About a week later, my dad called and said they were going to Branson. It was hilarious. While HE was in the men's room...he was propositioned...again.
ha ha, silly Herm!