Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Handy for your summer reading list:

Type in a book and author you liked and it will give you a list of similar suggestions:

This one is WAY cool. Enter the name of a favorite author and you'll get a display with your pick in the center. The closer a name sits to your favorite, the greater likelihood you will like their work.

courtesy of Real Simple


Molly B said...

okay, these are seriously fascinating (and i might have to post a link to you on my blog), but the literature-map thing is not entirely accurate. i know they're working off of some kind of surveyed data, but really? if i like c.s. lewis, i'll like robert frost? can't stand those snowy trees and untraveled roads. and what does narnia have to do with monty python?

Emily said...

yay! then i'll be, like, famous!!!