Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updates on the List.

Or, A List For Myself So I Don't Get Bored Or Start Feeling Sorry For Myself:

1. Take Sammi to the beach again. He loved it! And so did I, despite siting several dead seals rolling in the surf. Update: This is going to be on the rolling "To Do" List. It will always get done but never be done.

2. Costco: Return dog bed Sammi is pretending doesn't exist. Get gas. And maybe a churro. Update: Churro on hold pending cash in wallet.

3. Laundry. Lots of it. Preferable dry on the line if it's sunny. Still going...

4. If it's sunny, read my book in the sun. Or curl up in the hammock with a blanket if it's cloudy (and hope that the pole doesn't collapse, leaving me bottom up in the roses).

5. Apply paint-stripper to paint in the hallway bathroom. Wait. Scrape. Be careful not to bruise foot on weird pokey screw thing sticking straight up from the floor leftover from toilet removal.

6. Send small package to mom and molly.

7. That thing I remembered last night as I was getting into bed but have now forgotten... Still haven't remembered! Grrrrr!

To be continued...

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