Friday, September 25, 2009

Free Shipping Fridays at Olive Manna!

I posted a few days ago about the collaboration to offer 50% off at Olive Manna through paper n stitch. Olive Manna also offers Free Shipping Fridays so today is the best day to get that order in for the maximum discount!
I'll keep you guessing about what I ordered. You never know what might end up in someone's stocking!


Molly B said...

you are so cute. :)

Emily said...

i think i was mentioned on olive manna's twitter and blog! (apparently you can have what you twitter also post to a gadget on your blog... then why wouldn't you just blog it? or just twitter it? seems to make at least one of those unecessary...) anyway, it said something like "smart lady uses both codes for free shipping fridays and paper n stitch discount! that's the way to do it!" and it was posted right around the time i made my order. cool, huh? :-)

Natalie Jost said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for you order! I was packing it just now and saw an email from Google which found the link to this post of yours, how cool is THAT?! :)

To answer your question, yep, I tweeted about you. It sounds like you saw the widget on my blog sidebar... that's just so people who don't use twitter can catch a little of what I say over there. I post links to cool things sometimes, so it helps get it to blog-only folks.

Anyway, thanks again, it will be on the way to you first thing Monday!