Thursday, September 24, 2009

South to North to South: Part I

Molly in front - in charge of the iPods. I was warned from the beginning that this was really one big sing-along.

Me in back. Happy to be along!

San Francisco: Fishermen's Wharf. Let's be on a boat!

Aw, yeah. We're here.

That's Alcatraz out there. Somewhere.
Did I mention that I got to drive UP all the big freakin' hills? And got to stop at the very top of the biggest hill ever. Facing upward into the sky. With cars behind me. I was very glad to NOT be driving a stick-shift.

Tune in tomorrow for South to North to South: Part II: Pigeon Point.


Molly B said...

because we need more proof of my vanity: my first thought is "what the hell am i wearing??"

Emily said...

Just wait until Part II... :-P