Friday, October 23, 2009

Crafty Coasters

Today I decided to try my hand at a little craft I saw in the August 2009 Martha Stewart magazine. My guest/craft room is a great place to spend a Fall morning and I took my inspiration from the season when selecting the paper to use.
These were super simple and fun to boot!
First, select your paper and cut circles the same size as your coasters. I ordered the coasters from (after a failed attempt to make my own). Cutting the circles with my exacto knife was easier than using scissors but personal preference always rules.

Coat your coaster with a good layer of Mod Podge, or other preferred glue sealant, and line up your paper on top. Press to smooth out any air bubbles. Finish top and sides with a thin layer of sealant and let them sit to dry.

Repeat with as many coasters as you'd like to make a set! I did six circular coasters for my first set and am on the hunt for some fantastic paper to make some more. These are a quick, easy, and relatively cheap DIY gift or stocking stuffer!

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