Thursday, October 29, 2009

What We're Doing Today:

When he's not sitting with his nose pressed against the screen of the front door, Sammi is laying in the sun in the backyard, happy to chase leaves and nap in the grass. His tail was wagging here, which accounts for it's almost-straightness. It's usually a big 'C.'

She's been here for hours, content to nap with a little breeze coming through the window.

Earnest actually looks quite uncomfortable in this position but he hasn't moved in quite a while! I can see his little sides go in and out so at least I know he's breathing.

And this is what it looks like to work from home. Yes, the table has been moved to the middle of the living room. My computer plug is just a little too short to reach. I think Chris needs to install new plugs... And yes, I'm using a bendy straw in my drink. Drinks always taste better through bendy straws, especially when you're sick.

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