Sunday, November 29, 2009

How Much There Isn't in Arizona

It's vacant. Dry. Vast. With an endless sky. And I love it.
This trip was one of those trips where I wish I had a nicer camera so that I could attempt to capture some of the beauty. I am particularly in love with mesquite trees and ocotillo and would love to go back in Spring when the ocotillo are blooming fires into the sky.
Here are a few highlights, mostly of our silliness:

Chris at his favorite desert eatery - Goody's Cafe in La Quinta.

Do not walk your dog here!

Sunset on the sap:

Don't leave without me!

Something for everyone:

The colors of Bisbee:

Help! I've been scooped!

Chris and mom-in-law, temporary miners exploring Queen's Mine:

The best bathroom sign I've ever seen. I might make one for my hallway bath:

Happy Sammi in the camper - he got to spend all weekend with his friends!

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