Sunday, November 15, 2009

Patchwork Show Review

Sunday was the Patchwork show in Santa Ana and my sister, mom and I were delighted to peruse the booths and take in the handmade ambiance. Despite the fact that it's a somewhat smaller show (than, say, Renegade LA) it had great variety and something for everyone!

The only bad part was the music. Way. Too. Loud. There's nothing quite like shouting your questions at a vendor and going, "Excuse me??" three times just to hear their answer. The music selections were varied - there was a new band/set every 45mins to an hour but they were just too loud for the small space. In fact, they were so distracting that I completely forgot I had my camera in my purse and didn't take any pictures! Boo!

Other than that, I was delighted to take away a few items and a million ideas for things I can do! We spent quite a while chatting with Tara of Freesparrow (also my sister's friend) whose booth was stocked with the regular aprons, tea towels, and table runners as well as some great new Holiday items. Hopefully those will pop up soon in her etsy shop!

Among my other favorites were the cards, calendars, and coasters of RockScissorPaper, the gift tags and cards of Fourteen Sisters, and the hand-embroidered cards, moleskins, and pouches at by Belinda. I'm a sucker for paper goods, what can I say...

Please excuse the horrible pictures - I didn't get home in time to catch the natural light today!

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