Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Second Christmas

I'm finally home! The house is quiet, the dog is sleeping at my side and a cat is at my feet. I think I was missed.
Highlights of the day include Nate's superhero underwear (not pictured, sorry, I promised), Molly's "new" vintage typewriter that we all took a turn clacking, Mikey Spikey the wondercat sitting on as many presents as she could and rubbing against everyone's feet, and of course the fantastic Lewis stockings.
I love Christmas.
Here are a few pictures from Second Christmas with my family:

Real Men Wear Plaid:

Me and my "little" bro:

Molly and her new vintage typewriter:

Fifi, the most awesome sugar cookie ever:

Dude, it's cold in here. Do we ever turn on the heat? A.k.a. "I heart coffee."

(Amanda - we missed you! The day really wasn't complete without you. Hugs.)

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