Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This Week's Target Find:

Anyone who has stayed the night at our house in chilly weather has been introduced to the wonder that is microfleece sheets. Originally found at a Costco in the Bay Area, we just purchased a second set at our local Target so we don't have to fight our guests for them.

Available in Blue, White, Taupe, and Snowflake, this set also features fleece pillowcases that make it oh-so-hard to get your head off the pillow in the morning and oh-so-easy to fall into them at night. Just writing about them makes me want to go curl up in bed. Warm and cozy, they are sure to fill your winter dreams with visions of cocoa and firesides.

We found them for $37.99, and they are worth every penny.
Seen in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes.

Image courtesy of See Target store or website for details blah, blah, blah. I don't make any money posting about this stuff and am not responsible for any shopping you do hereafter based on the wonderfulness of the products I post. Shop at your own risk.

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