Friday, January 15, 2010

Facebook ads call for "women my age."

Have you seen them? My Facebook ads are getting a little too personal... They seem to be targeting me not just because I'm a woman. They've added the feature of my age.
They aren't just letting me know I should go back to school. They aren't even just letting me know I should go back to school because I'm a woman and could maybe qualify for some grant.
They'd like to let me know that they need women my age to go back to school.

This is what the ads on my Home page used to look like:

Now they're plugging my actual age in there and suggesting majors of study. Sorry, I was a bit too trigger happy on that "X" to get a screen shot. I'll be sure to post one if those ads ever pop up again. I may have hit the "offensive" option as my reason in the drop-down meny...

But to ease the pain of advertising my own age to me, they've also offered women my age a chance to win a shopping spree to Victoria's Secret as well. Nice. Real nice, FB.

Bonus: I had to take a screenshot of this little beauty. It earns this week's "WTF?" award for creepiness:

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Molly B said...

WTF is right...