Friday, February 12, 2010

And the adventure begins...

I can't have a normal long weekend like other people and go out of town to visit friends or spend some time at local museums, catching up on the fun stuff. No, I have to go and dedicate myself to a project.
Current project: Second Bedroom.
It was the guest bedroom/my office/extra closet space for my expansive wardrobe. Now it will be crisp, clean guest bedroom/my office/closet space. Unless someone moves in with us (more on that in the near future, I hope!)
Here we go!

Step One: Remove car decals and hand prints that are all around the middle of the room.

Step Two: Clear it out! Remove everything from the room. This was a huge endeavor and my sunroom/entertainment room/den is paying the price.

Step Three: Remove the following:
a. Nasty linoleum from bottom of closet - check! (Easier than I predicted - it wasn't glued down or anything! Yay!)

b. Closet doors - check! Just a lift and a tug and they're off. I'm pretty sure they weren't taken down last time the room was painted since the top several inches is a totally different color...

c. Baseboards - check! And now we have a clean template. Well, almost clean. That's the next step...

Step Four: Sand, scrape, wipe clean. Spackle. I do the first three, Chris does the last.
The house is old so it needs lots of prep. Sigh.

Aw, how cute is he in his coveralls?

Tomorrow will be priming and painting but this should be enough to wear you out for now.
We'll be back!

1 comment:

Robyn S. said...

Is that Chris ??
Looks like a professional dry installer. His technic and spatula looks very good.

Nice overalls

Keep up the good work.
Can't wait to see the final results