Monday, March 15, 2010

And I Bookmarked This Why...?

Do you ever bookmark a website and then forget about it, only to revisit it a few days/weeks/months later and wonder why you hit the bookmark button in the first place?
That's what happened a while ago with me and Felt & Wire. In the end, it doesn't matter if there was a specific product I liked or something in particular that caught my eye because I'm loving pretty much everything on their site.
Here's a small sampling of a few favorites:

Gorgeous wrapping paper in Jezebel:

and Essie:

Some may find them a little crass but I love these "thanks for nothing" cards featuring messages such as, "that was the most painful cup of coffee i’ve ever had" and "you may as well have spit in my food." Perhaps these should be reserved for the more sarcastic among us...

Y'all know I love a good list and these SHITTODO tear-away cards are the bomb:

Ah, letterpress.
We've all got friends facing hard times and these are perfect for sending a little note to remind them that we care:

Or maybe just a Happy Birthday card to cheer their mailbox during their special month:

Or a postcard to let them know they're "Gnarly!"

All images from Felt & Wire.

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