Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bit of Ridiculousness on a Hanger

Since I'm the only who really reads my blog, I can openly admit that I tried on three pieces of ridiculousness at Target tonight. Contrary to popular belief, I cannot make anything look cute. I really can make some things look ridiculous.
The first item I tried on was this little striped dress in the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection. I first noticed it while shopping with my sister about a week ago and we were perplexed by the piece of fabric swinging to the side because it had been pulled under the dress, making a little jumper, when we saw it on the hanger. I saw it again tonight and thought I just had to try it on to figure it out. I had no idea the fabric was supposed to be off to the side until I looked up the dress on
My honest review: It simply didn't work on me. As a dress, the side swung fabric looked awkward and pulled between my legs to make a jumper was just hilarious. I laughed-out-loud right there in the dressing room. Reviews on seem to be mixed but overall, it's just not for me.

The second and third items were very similar to this little jumper but in the cutest stripey fabric.  On had straps and the other was strapless and they were oh-so-cute on the hangers but I had a feeling they weren't going to work on my body - and they didn't. I'm not sure if my legs are too long or my torso is too short or if I've developed hips in my old age... but yeah, I'm gonna let the high schoolers keep this trend to themselves.

Overall, we had a successful shopping trip and Chris got what he needed so we all left happy. And I'll stick to the pretty floral dress I bought last week.

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