Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's a break without a little paint?

I think a room in our house has been painted almost every school break this past year...
From the living room last May, to the hallway bathroom in October, to the guest room over the long weekend in February... And now I'm on Spring Break and we've painted the office!
The baseboards went in tonight, which means we can officially move the furniture back in tomorrow and figure out how we are going to mesh Chris' stuff with my stuff. We may end up drawing a line down the middle of the room if he gets too messy...
Here are some some before and afters:

My own personal handyman, getting ready to finish ripping out the cabinets. These cabinets had shelves to the ceiling on top - will try to find a true "before" picture when we get our photo storage unit up and running again.

Nasty carpet under the cabinets:

And up it comes! The carpet was just stapled into the floor but those popped right out with the right tools. The wood floor was still in good condition, too. Yay!

(I'm working on getting some of those sexy coveralls for myself. They seem to be harder to find in women sizes. Especially smaller women sizes, like myself.)
Prep - lots of spots to patch, and a coat of primer. This seems to be the routine when painting in our house...

I'll get better pictures tomorrow when the sun is shining (assuming it doesn't rain...) but here it is! With two coats of Pensive Sky and Camembert baseboards - definitely an improvement.

I'll be spending quite a bit of time tomorrow getting my stuff out of the guest room and into the office - so more pictures to come! I know Chris is itching to get his computer set up...
But for now, a good night of sleep. There's lots to do tomorrow!

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