Monday, April 19, 2010

A Garden Party

We set the table and brewed fresh iced tea as the fog rolled away to reveal a gorgeous sunny day. The weather was perfect, the company delightful, and the pie fantastic - as always - for my sister's little birthday celebration.

The party started when a large plane flew overhead, right over the house! It was probably just buzzing the Long Beach Grand Prix but I like to think it was really in Molly's honor:

The lanterns were hung...

And the table was set (for six guests, then eight, then seven, then back to six...):

My partner in crime, who filled in all the holes I missed and who always has another awesome idea to try. It took two tries, but we finally got the fluffy noodle things to fry up right for the salad... I heart my mom!

All in celebration of this darling girl who we love so much...

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