Thursday, May 20, 2010

Attitude Adjustment.

Just when I was starting to get annoyed at my husband for trivial little things that don't matter - like not bringing in the trash cans from the alleyway; or leaving the dishwasher door open or his dirty dishes on the counter - he goes and does something totally awesome without me even hinting or nudging or flat-out asking that it get done.
After dinner tonight, he completely cleaned up the dishes (I didn't even find a rogue spatula on the spoon rest or a wadded up napkin on the table!) and then he went outside. Thinking he was going to putter around in the garage, I was surprised a few moments later to hear the hose hitting the side of the house and find him doing this:

Yep, that's my hubby cleaning the windows. He even took the screens off, sprayed them clean, and laid them out to dry.

What can I say... I married a keeper.

Not to be outdone, I grabbed the Best in Glass and some paper towels to do the inside and now all of our back windows are clean and shiney! Maybe this will inspire me to do the front windows tomorrow...

And a few other random shots -
Pantaloup in her usual spot, peeking over the windowsill to check out the outside world:

Toys we find in our yard when we garden, leftover from the previous owners. These sad little guys got washed off the windowsill:

These little flowers are popping up all over the bushes in the backyard and they smell amazing.

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