Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Birthday Challenge

Question: What do you get for a woman who lives in a mud hut in Madagascar, who loves frilly tops and high heels, biking thousands of miles solo, and can salsa dance like no one else you know?
Answer: Durable khaki pants. And you make something!

My sister moved to Madagascar
a few months ago with Peace Corps and her birthday is right around the corner. It made no sense to buy something "fun" and "frilly" so I made her a birthday banner to hang in her hut!
Simple triangles cut from scrapbook paper with tiny clothespins and baker's twine make for a cheerful birthday decoration, even for a simple mud hut in the middle of nowhere.

p.s. The natural-colored tiny clothespins are from Olive Manna and the red ones are from Paper-Source. Have I ever mentioned that I love mini things? Even my dad said they were super-cute!
The green stripey baker's twine is leftover from a pack I bought by Martha Stewart way back at Christmastime.

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