Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear hubs,

Today I discovered this blog and now you're going to be subjected to letters from me.
But they won't be nearly as clever or as often. 'Cause I'm not that great of a writer. And I'm not that reliable. Or motivated.
But they'll be from me to you and that's what matters.

Oh, and we're gonna start asking each other these questions. 'Cause it's a freakin' rad idea.
Coolio? K,thxbye.

p.s. And here's a picture of YOU in the love category just because I do.
Love you, that is. More than anything else under the love label. Really.
One of your cute face (oooh, and a styrofoam cup, another love...):

And one of your cute butt, mwahaha!

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