Saturday, May 15, 2010

Keep on walking...

When you've got nothing better to do, it's always a good idea to volunteer! And if you can raise some money for cancer research while you're at it then props to you.
Today Chris and I spent our afternoon walking the track at a local high school to raise money for cancer research and awareness. We raised over $200 (not too shabby for a last minute effort and our first official fundraiser...) and walked for almost five hours! My legs are definitely a bit sore and my nose is a little more pink but it was worth every step.
This is our team's tent - and our awesome team leader, Carolyn.
She's a cancer survivor and an all around awesome lady.
Our theme was "Cancer Cruise-aders" so we had a hammock, fun umbrellas, beach towels, and yes, that's a huge blow-up corona bottle and a shamu hanging out in the hammock.
A view across the track as we walked:
Finally finished! Approximately 60 laps later and we're still standing.
Now off to get some pizza...

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