Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My sisters do awesome things. (And my brother does, too.)

So you all know that my older sister is in Madagascar with Peace Corps (read: awesome).
And now, my younger sister is on Amazon. No, not in The Amazon, but On Amazon. As in, dot com.
Just Click Here to check it out.
She's the editor of this book, CEO of this publishing company, and is generally an awesome person.
(Yes, I'm aware that I've used the word 'awesome' three times so far in this post. I might use it some more. Deal.)
This is also where I mention that they both graduated in the top ten of their high school class - no, not top ten percent but top ten people. I won't get all self-deprecating here but we'll just say I didn't even come close. And I really am OK with that.
But even my younger brother ('omg,' you're thinking, 'how many are there??' but that's it, just the four of us) went to a totally different high school than we did because he didn't want to hear, 'Oh! You're a Lewis! Are you Molly's brother?' a million times. Although, he didn't do too shabby with his high school career, what with his multiple AP classes, acing the ASVAB senior year and hopping right into the nuclear program of his choice with the US Navy... He's way smart and an all-around great guy.
My sisters are also both totally sweet, humble, kind-hearted ladies who will shop with you (Amanda) or drink coffee with you (Molly) in a down-to-earth normal sort of way. Love them.
But I digress.
The point is: I'm super-duper proud of my little sister. So, if you like mystery novels (or even if you don't!) you should pick up this book. Pre-order from Amazon dot com right here. Easy-peasy.
And stay tuned because I'm sure to scan some totally embarrassing pictures from our childhood and blog about them. You know, 'cause I'm the obnoxious sister, so I can.

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