Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time-killer and RSS feed filler:

One of the blogs I follow (via Google Reader, genius invention!) was listed as one of 50Must-See Print Design Blogs. Being the blog-whore that I am, I bookmarked the link and have been visiting these blogs at random in my "spare" time.
(Working part-time has its benefits. Please ignore the dust bunnies that have collected in the corners of my living room while I've been perusing the interwebz.)
A few to share, just to get you started:
Up Up, The Blog: Written by a designer and mother. I've been following her for quite some time; she has great things to share and a refreshing perspective; I also love everything in her shop.
A Print A Day: Love her downloads! Keep an eye out for her freebies - they're are always fantastic.
Postcard Printing Blog: Just 'cause I love postcards. To collect or send.
Design Muse: Always inspirational. Gorgeous photos. Makes me wanna make stuff. Create stuff. And buy pretty-packaged stuff.

That should be enough to keep you busy for a while but in case it's not, just click here for the other 46 blogs! Or click here for another great list of great websites to check out, from photojournalism blogs to craft art blogs to poetry blogs...
OK, I'm stopping now.

Oh, and you can also click on the links to other blogs I follow over there ---> on the right ---> yes, over there, they're links ---> click on them to go to other fantastic blogs I follow. It's not a comprehensive list but it's a start.
Happy browsing!

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