Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Birthday Boy gets a Birthday Weekend

Since my hubs was gettin' all growed up and turnin' 30, we kicked off the birthday weekend in style - at Disneyland, of course.
We've been to Disneyland many many many many (times a bajillion) times but this time we explored the Disney Kennel Club because we had Sammi with us. I was quite impressed by the Disneyland kennel and would definitely recommend it for those of you who find you must travel with your four-footed friends.
I also got to take a survey in a secret room off Main Street that they say used to be Walt Disney's room! Or office. Or something. He spent time there. How special am I?! My favorite question was when it asked how many times I'd visited Disneyland since it opened in 1955. I chose the last answer option: 50+.
Then we spent 4 hours traversing what is normally a 2-hour drive thanks to a fuel tanker that caught on fire and may have overturned but that definitely closed a freeway and routed traffic all over and around in a congested fashion, sometimes at a complete standstill. On a holiday weekend when traffic is already bad. Nice, fuel tanker. Real nice.
Anyway, here are some photos to remind me of the happy times:
Hubs driving like a crazy man - a crazy OLD man, I guess I should say:

Turns out I'm not a King. And I don't have big muscles. Darn.

Obligatory awkward Matterhorn photo (Note the birthday button! If you're ever celebrating something at Disneyland (birthday, anniversary, etc.) be sure to stop by the information booth and ask for a button! The button lady said I was so nice to find my hubs a birthday button that I was awarded an "Honorary Citizen of Disneyland" button. Hubs was going to argue with her about how nice I was but I told him to be quiet because I've always wanted to be an Honorary Citizen!):

Hubs and his "I'm getting older" contemplative face with wildflowers in the background:

Cute couple on the Casey Jr. Caboose:

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