Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Grew Something!

I never thought I'd be the kind of person who puttered around a yard. We used to tease my mom because she'd wander out to the yard for "a few minutes" and disappear for hours, only re-appearing when it got too hot or it was time to start thinking about dinner, her knees dirty from weeding and her hands muddy from the hose.
Boy, am I eating those teasing words now. Because I putter. For example: One Saturday morning, not too long ago, I wandered out back with the dog and a cup of coffee and didn't reappear for at least an hour. The hubs found me on my knees, weeding the roses, my hands muddy from the hose and the dog patiently waiting for his morning breakfast.
Most of the plants in our yard were established when we moved in (and completely buried in ivy, mint, dead leaves, or a combination of all three) so they've been doing pretty well now that they've been cleaned up and are getting regular watering and pruning.
But these little plants - these I grew from scratch. Er, from seeds.
They started out looking something like this - plain old, boring potting soil.

Then after a few little weeks of watering (and the occasional song, 'cause plants like it when you sing to them) they turn into this!
Purple star:

Pink Sunbursts:

This plant has a bunch of little buds, just waiting to bloom:

I'll admit - I'm pretty proud of my little blooms and feel a little more confident about my gardening skills in general knowing that these did ok!
Have you had any gardening successes lately?

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