Wednesday, July 28, 2010


When you've been going and going and going with no definitive end in sight, there's bound to be a let-down when you finally stop going. I've been working (albeit, part-time) at a consistent pace that recently quickened - then days were added after I was supposed to be done - and now very abruptly, I'm finished.
And I'm not quite sure how to feel about that.
I'm not really ready to be done. But the reality is, I could tinker around with this project I've been working on until pigs fly and still not be 'done' with it. I'm learning that there comes a point where you just have to stop and let things be wherever they're gonna be and let go.
That time is now.

****screech to a halt****

Oh, irony!!
I typed the above paragraphs before dinner. About an hour after dinner, I got an email asking if I could pretty-please come in to work on Friday.
I'll pick up these thoughts again later. You know, like Friday evening.

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