Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For the Men: How to Yell Like Tarzan

Just in case I have any male readers (or any readers other than my mom, that is...) the hubs stumbled across this article on the Art of Manliness recently and I just had to share.
I have a little history with Tarzan, mostly involving the uncanny resemblance between him and the hubs when we were first dating. But I'll also indulge in a little Disney cartoon every once in a while. I should probably pick up the original book some time. I'll add it to my list...
This captivating article will teach you how to swim, dive, climb and swing like Tarzan.
Complete with videos, they also include the bonus skill of how to yell like Tarzan. Even us ladies give it a try every once in a while. For those who want to perfect The Yell, just follow the directions Edgar Rice Burroughs gives us - they're found at the bottom of the article.
Happy Reading!

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