Thursday, August 12, 2010

[insert craftiness]

The hubs recently asked if we could put a large white board on the wall in our home office. He's trying to get (and stay...) more organized. Since wall space in the office is limited, I suggested chalkboard paint on the closet door panels instead. He was so excited about the idea, I got right to work!
Boring old paneled closet doors before:

And fantastic chalkboard panels after! (Please excuse my messy desk...)

We got our chalkboard paint the local Home Depot hardware store, sold by the quart for about $10. Most hardware stores will have it in their paint section. I lightly sanded and primed the doors then did three coats of paint. Looks great and is super fun to use!

p.s. Can you spy the cats in the first two pictures above? They're always underfoot!


Holly Rene' said...

Oh! I love love love love love this!!!

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

You're welcome to come draw on them anytime!!! :-)

Gabbi said...

That's so neat! Great idea...