Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I've been here, there and back again and it's so nice to be home! After a brisk bike ride this morning I sat down to organize some photos from our Family Day on Tuesday. My brother is home for a few days before a long deployment and it was so nice to goof around with him again! 
Being the family that we are, we all hopped in dad's car and headed to Disneyland. 
Fun shoes! Even though someone said I had man feet. :-(
 Happiness is a mint julep in each hand!
 Me and the bro.
 I love goats!
Riding along
 I'm in trouble. What possessed me to get in the teacups (something I don't normally do) with a guy who turns valves for a living???
 Yes. Definitely in trouble. Tip: If you focus on one thing, it helps. Don't watch the world moving around you or you will get sick!
I love my family!

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