Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Yay for the weekend!
It's another gorgeous sunny day so we've spent most of it outside. The hubs (finally) mowed the front yard so our home doesn't look like a little house on the prairie. I like Laura Ingalls Wilder and all but I don't really want to be her.
I did a ton of weeding, fertilizing and pruning and Sammi even got a bath. Our big tree is starting to drop its leaves and all those little pokey round ball things so I'm going to have to start raking on a more regular basis. Those things hurt when you step on them!

Yesterday I put the final touches on the entryway paint job - just need the hubs to cut the baseboards so we can install them and we'll be done!
Here are the pictures I promised -

Before - it all starts with a little scrape scrape scrape...

Getting rid of the hideous beige...

So fresh and so clean!

Images by me. Please don't use without asking first. 'Cause they're just that awesome.


Leslie said...

Oh, yeah, you're right--there's my old step-stool! I thought someone stole it from my driveway! How funny. It kind of goes with the paint trunk, I think. The entryway looks hurry to return the trunk. I'm renting.

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

Um, I thought you said we could have that stepstool.
The hubs left our dolly outside the garage by accident and someone took it. That's what happens when you leave things in the alleyway and shut your garage door.
Let me know if you want your stepstool back. :-)

Natty said...

Do you scrape off all the paint or just the paint that is lifting off? We need to paint but the last people who painted in this house didn't use primer for about half of the rooms, so it's flaking right off but some of it is stuck stuck stuck.

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

Natty - I scraped just the one wall where it was already peeling off. The other walls weren't peeling (thank goodness!). Then I lightly sanded and primed with the Good Primer before doing two coats of paint. Probably could have used a third coat but I ran out of paint and motivation...
When we did the bathroom, we scrapped all the walls before it was peeling about four layers.
Don't know what happened to the 'after' pics but here are some of the 'in progress.'

If I remember right, you moved into an older home like ours, right?

Chris R. said...

@Natty: if you peel the paint it might leave you with edges, I'd sand those down with a power sander until it's smooth. Patch it then sand some more. We didn't do that as much in the bathroom but looking at it now I wish we had. more sanding, more patching, mostly more sanding.