Friday, September 17, 2010

Hubs'NEm's Quote of the Day

Hubs: Today while I was talking to two of my coworkers a little bubble came out of my mouth and floated away.
Me: [laughing] You mean, like a bubble from your spit?
Hubs: Yeah, I guess. It's been really foamy today. Like this. [he demonstrates foamy spit]
Me: [still laughing, near hysterical] Weren't you embarrassed? Did they see it??
Hubs: Yeah, they saw. I wasn't really embarrassed. It was only like this big.

Editorial Note:
Can I just say that I'd be a little embarrassed if spit, in any form, especially if noticed by the company I'm with, came out of my mouth while I was talking? This guy isn't phased at all! "It happens..."! Love him.

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Leslie said...

So, who needs shoes that match? Gotta love the guy--