Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update: Funds and Friends

I posted yesterday about my issue with not getting paid for work I did over the summer and, all things considered, today went pretty well. I demanded I get paid, they said they couldn't, they directed me to the next person, and now that person is (supposedly) handling it. And I'm not working until it's handled. And that's OK. It means my already-long weekend just got a day and a half longer.
I strongly dislike the point I have to make right now by not going in to work but, as I stated back in May, my skills and services are worth something and it's important that I don't let people take advantage of that. Pair that with the fact that the paperwork for my 2010-2011 position hasn't been finalized yet and I'm basically still unemployed.
So I had lunch with a friend and consoled myself with Paper Source.
Then a great friend arrived from the East Coast to stay for a few days, the hubs came home from work and gave me one of his fantastic hugs, and the dog and I went to the beach for a while, and it's not such a shabby end to the day after all.

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