Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A 30th Birthday Hoedown

The forecast was rain and the day dawned wet and dreary... but that didn't put a damper on our fun! Last Saturday we hosted a little hoedown to celebrate my 30th birthday. Despite the rain, we had one heck of a day! Bandanna banners, cowboy cutouts, friends playing horseshoes, and lots of sweet tea - doesn't get much better than that!
Here are a few pictures of the day -

A Birthday Girl and her Dog

A Cowboy Couple - my sister helped make the awesome cutouts! She outlined them the weekend before the party and then we painted them using random paints I had around the house from a previous project. They were a hit!

Yeehaw! The party is here!

Waiting for all the candles to be lit. There were quite a few! 

My mom made sure I got the slice of cake with the '30' on it. 
And I even blew out all the candles on the FIRST try!

Sheriff Dad, who came early to help. He and the hubs set up the photo-op tent, and he made the fantastic bandanna banner on the front of our house. Then he played photographer all day!

Yeah, this picture was all the Hubs. I had nothing to do with it. Sammi did make a new friend, named Dakota. Our friends recently adopted her from a local shelter. Isn't she sweet? I'm not sure how she felt about this whole picture thing...

Aren't my parents darling?

The hubs was so amazing with everything he did to get ready for the party, we promised to lessen the reward for his arrest. And to keep him alive... as much as possible.

Sweet tea tastes better with stripey straws in mason jars.

The rain meant a few people bailed on the party but that also meant we had enough room to move the party indoors. We cleared out the sunroom (thank goodness for a garage that will hold all our furniture...) and set up tables inside. My mom had the fantastic idea to use bandannas as chair covers. Genius!

Get some grub!


And be sure to snag a slice of cake. My amazing friend, Christina, brought us Texas Chocolate Cake from Jeannine's Bakery in Santa Barbara. It was perfect - looked great, tasted even better! (Wow, that's a lot of candles...)

Don't forget to grab a favor on your way out! Little bags of gold for the road.

And with that, have a rootin' tootin' Thanksgiving weekend! Yeehaw!

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