Saturday, November 13, 2010

Emilio makes a good pizza.

We've been a fan of Domino's pizza tracker for a while now and it seems they are following in the footsteps of other great media moguls and have created various themes for your tracking pleasure. Gone are the days of the boring blue tracker - now you can choose what you want to look at while you follow your meal's progress through it's stages of preparation.

As the hubs and I waited for our pizza to be ready for pick-up last night, we decided our favorite tracker was this nice, romantic option. Purple petals actually drift off the tree through the picture, creating a serene atmosphere while your pizza bakes.

In case you can't read the small print, it says, "WE'RE FIRING IT UP - Emilio began custom making your pizza at 6:11pm."
I like to think that Emilio is that long-haired gentleman in the picture.
Just as the hubs was heading out the door, the tracker let me know that our pizza was ready for pick-up. 


Images are screen shots, captured by me while Emilio made our custom pepperoni pizza.

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