Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hubs'NEm's Quote of the Day

People watching while waiting in line for gas at Costco* -

Me: That guy in the silver Toyota, looking all sporty in his matching workout outfit. Is that a sweat band tied around his head?
Looks like it.
Me: People wear the most interesting things when they work out.
Hubs: Maybe that's what he does. To keep staying old. 
Me: Staying old???
Hubs: Yeah. Instead of dying.

Take it from the hubs: To keep staying old and not die, you should probably workout. Sweatband is optional.

* Just to clarify: We were waiting in line for gas for my car, as opposed to waiting in line for a hot dog or slice of pizza. That's what I call, "The line for the other kind of gas."

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