Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap: Holiday

It was a long weekend for me and the hubs so we hopped in the truck and headed south to visit my in-laws! They got sick over Christmas so we still had holiday pleasantries to exchange. They live in a house in the mountains where things are simple and quiet. We had waffles and bacon for breakfast (twice!), watched lots of football (mom-in-law is a Steelers fan and was baffled by Sunday's win by the NY Jets), I took two naps, and countless walks with Sammi all around their property.
Our weather here in southern California is on a warm kick lately so the hubs, father-in-law, and I took the truck even further up the mountain on Saturday in search for some snow. We were lucky to find some at the top of Thomas Mountain.s

Isn't he a cutie?

Boys and their sticks...  The piece that broke off there on the left actually flew about 10 yards - we were lucky it didn't hit anyone!

Cute little pinecone.

The trees around their property have all lost their leaves - I love how they collect on the bridge.

After Chris had fun turning the compost pile, he brought a load of firewood up to the house in his dad's tractor. And then taught Sammi how to drive. 

My favorite thing about mountain living is the sunset. We had two gorgeous sunsets in a row - this was Sunday. 

After sleeping in our own bed last night (isn't it amazing how nice that feels?) the hubs and I grabbed breakfast at Allison's and then headed up to the Matilija trail near Ojai for a rousing 8-mile hike. I haven't hiked like that in quite a while and I can tell my legs are going to be punishing me tomorrow.
But tomorrow also means back to work and I'm a bit sad to see this lovely long weekend come to an end.
How was your weekend? Any stories to share?

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