Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

In which I travel far and wide, play in the yard, and am disappointed by Costco.

Let's start with the traveling, shall we?
My mom and I had a random psychic moment this past week - she emailed me late Thursday night and before I had even read her email, I had texted her early Friday morning. We were almost simultaneously considering a day at Disneyland! After that cosmic moment, we couldn't refuse the calling and headed off early Saturday morning for a day at the park.
Oh, and we took my sister.

Toy Story Ride in 3D - it's all about the glasses.

The Animation Studios in California Adventure has some great activities! Here you can draw your own string of Mickey balloons following a pattern they provide...

Then put it in this spinny thing and watch the Mickey balloon rise and fall!

Me and my pal.

After my little excursion, the hubs and I decided to head to our local Costco on Sunday afternoon. He'd been there the day before and spotted a great deal on a Kitchenaid mixer. It was a Professional series. In red. Be still my heart.
Costco was offering an instant rebate of $40 off plus the hubs had seen a mail-in rebate coupon for an additional $40. This was enough to get us thinking about making the investment. It didn't take long for my little head to start imagining throwing cookie ingredients in the bowl and coming back an hour later to perfectly warm, just out of oven cookie deliciousness. (I know, I know... that's not really how they work...)
Unfortunately, the rebate coupons had expired and, despite the fact that there was a huge sign advertising the rebate and a whole stack of coupons, Costco wouldn't honor them. The manager we spoke with thanked us for pointing them out and then gave us a lame excuse - something about 'the manufacturer is responsible for the coupons on the shelf' and the fact that they've been sitting there for over two weeks after they expired isn't Costco's fault and they refuse to be responsible for them. I worked retail long enough to know that ultimately, you are responsible for what is on your shelf. Whoever does nightly recovery in those aisles should know to take a look every once in a while and update their signage.
Too bad for us - we didn't get a red Kitchenaid mixer.
And too bad for Costco - they could've made a sale over $200 just by honoring a $40 coupon. I'm sure that $200 is nothing to them in the grand scheme of their daily sales but their attitude just left me disappointed. They've always been so good about honoring their prices and overall customer service. I guess I caught them on a bad day.

But the hubs bought me flowers (awwwww!) -

And I got to spend several hours in the yard Sunday afternoon in glorious weather - followed by an amazing sunset. Not too shabby for a weekend in Southern California.

Images by me. Please don't use without asking first.

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