Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have a blog.

And sometimes I update it. Sometimes I don't. Whoops!
It was another crazy week at work and I'm still dealing with carpal tunnel issues, so my computer use at home has been low. Thanks to a new chair that raises high enough to keep my elbows at a 90degree angle, and a new keyboard that lets me keep my mouse closer, the wrist and shoulder issues seem to be getting a little better. Yay!
Last weekend I took a break from the computer to enjoy my yard in our gorgeous SoCal weather - after rain and sunshine, the weeds sprout quicker than I can pull them! I wore out the hubs on Sunday cleaning windows - here he is, taking a break with Sammi-dog. He thinks he's a lap dog... but he's not.

I have a big Valentine round-up coming soon for all you last-minute crafters, so stay tuned!
Have a happy Friday!

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