Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've been gone.

But now I'm back. And soon I'll be gone again!
March is a crazy-busy month for me. I just got back from a work-related conference in Sacramento where I stayed in a hotel with no wireless internet in the room - it was like a step back in time to plug in my laptop for internet access! To top if off, we only had one internet cord per room, and they didn't have a splitter, so my roommate (a.k.a., 'boss') and I couldn't be online at the same time. Her emails obviously take priority over mine so I feel like I've been disconnected from the online world for about three full days. Twenty minutes on a lobby "business center" computer just doesn't cut it for me...
Regardless, we're five days deep into the month of March and it's time to update your desktop if you haven't already.
Click on the titles/links or the images to hop to the page where you can download your own - a few of my favorites:

As always, Shanna Murray delights:

Christiane Engel's "Desert Friends" is on my desktop at work:

Hello, Friend's desktop is full of grid-lined goodness:

I'm going to be here and there throughout the month of March so please forgive me if the blog isn't updated very often. I'll do my best! Here's to Spring, just around the corner!

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