Friday, March 18, 2011

That time of year.

I've been having a hard time lately. Not many people see it - I mostly vent to the hubs and a friend or two; and I'm really really good at not displaying it at work. Because in order to get through the workday, I have to cheer up, buck up, and just pretend that the imminent yearly lay-off isn't bothering me right now. And I'm exhausted. The energy I have to put into just 'being OK' is so completely draining. Despite the fact that it means imminent unemployment, I've been counting the weeks until June.

And then I read this post from lillyella.

And all I can say is that I'm so completely, totally humbled right now.
Because at least cancer isn't breaking my bones, either.

I have an amazing family to come home to at night, and to see on the weekends, and to talk to on the phone and email. And we're all healthy, alive, and doing incredible things with our lives.

Things could be worse. 
And I've got it good. I've got it really good.

If you feel it in you, please send a prayer and some thoughts lillyella's way. And to all those around the world who are struggling just to survive right now.

 Because our lives are good. They're really good.

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Leslie said...

I think I want to be more than just alive. I want to give glory to God no matter what and through it all up to the end, be found faithful. All that is beautiful out my window tonight could sweep me away in the morning. And God is still good. He gives us the grace when we need it; I know this is true because we never really needed anything we didn't have. We are blessed.