Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Apparently, when you order almost 400 photo prints, your local one-hour Costco photo center reserves the right to take several hours to process your order. Phooey. Guess I'll be picking up my prints tomorrow afternoon.
We've had a lazy Saturday around here - the hubs and I have both been working overtime for the last few weeks and needed to take things slow. Other than hitting my head on a bicycle (hanging from the garage ceiling) and getting my thumb caught in the dryer door, it's been a good day. Full of sunshine, sweet tea, and laundry on the line. I love days like these.

The roses are in their first bloom of the season and it's always the best bloom of the year. My yellow roses are huge and they smell amazing! There are at least 12 buds on each rose bush.

I also have little flowers on my blackberry bush! Does this mean we'll get berries this year...?

This is Sammi's favorite spot to sit while I'm in the yard - middle of the sidewalk that connects the house to the garage. If he gets too warm, he moves to the shade but he'll lay here for quite a while!

Call me crazy but I actually like doing laundry - especially when I can hang it on the line to dry. There's something relaxing about the process. Or maybe I just enjoy being out in the yard on a sunny day, regardless of the chore...? (It helps to have a little vintage clothespin holder, complete with vintage clothespins - a gift from a friend. Isn't it cute?)

Yep, it's definitely Spring around here! What's on tap for your weekend?

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Melissa said...

Gorgeous rose! I planted some last year almost that color, and I can't wait for them to start blooming. Yay for spring! :)