Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's been a week. And a weekend.

You know it's been a long work-week in my world when I don't blog at all. And it's probably been a great weekend if I don't blog then, either!
I'm headed out of a fantastic weekend (swinging over streams, manicures, margaritas, and sunshine!) into what could be another long week, so here are some links from around the web to keep you going until I decide to upload my pictures and actually blog about life again. I will say that the hubs has been extra random lately - I've got some good quotes to share.

Sitting here all day could be heaven.

I'm pretty sure I need to make this shortcake (and a link to more links!).

Absolutely incredibly amazing astonishing toothpick sculpture.

I know I don't need another tote but I'd really love a new summer tote.

And a summer blouse.

Michael tells us 'How To' - I may need that 'How to Cook Breakfast' print for my kitchen. 

Lots and lots of paper!

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