Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend Recap: Patio Style

It's done! The 550 brick patio is done!
Here is the Patio Creation in photos:

Before - grass, grass, grass:

The hubs raking the sand, making his own zen space:

Then we leveled it out to make everything even:

The outside edges are done!

Cutting bricks:

Start of the herringbone pattern:

Many hours later and we find the end of the herringbone pattern! I'm hammering in the last paver:

Chris made his own tamper to tamp down the bricks:

Almost done, we sweep paver sand between the bricks...

And mist the bricks for the paver sand to set them:

All done! I love the way it looks and Sammi has found a new spot to lay in the sun.

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Christina said...

It looks Perfect!