Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend Recap: Mark me Tardy

Yes, I know it's almost next weekend and I'm finally uploading pictures from last weekend. This seems to happen more often than not... So I'll keep it simple and just give you the photos. We had a little adventure along with lots of relaxation while we still had a pool! Now we're back in our cute little house and life is back to normal. Sometimes simple and familiar is just perfect.

Photos by me. Please don't use without asking first. 


Unknown said...

Did you actually eat krispy kreme donuts and hot dogs on a stick (with fries) at the same time/same day? That's almost as bad as going to the fair (Orange County, next couple weeks, by the way...)

Diana said...

oh i love krispy kreme. we have them once a year on fourth of july. great (and unhealthy!) tradition!

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

yes, my husband really did eat hot dog on a stick and krispy kremes on the same day. it was a special, splurging kind of weekend... not normal at all! :-)