Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm finally on vacation. Yesterday was my first official day (weekends don't count) so of course I had to hit up Disneyland with my mom. It doesn't feel like real vacation until you've been to the Happiest Place on Earth! Pics from that later...

Today is the first day of vacation that I'm at home with no plans, which means I can do whatever I want! So far, this includes:
- Waking up when I felt like it
- Farting around on the internet in bed until about 9:30am
- Farting around on the internet while eating oatmeal in the dining room in my pajamas until about 10:30am
- A quick visit to the post office and library (need to get books for my next trip!)
- Lunch with the hubs
- A wander through the paint section of Home Depot with the Hubs, on a quest to find the best grey color for our bedroom.
- Paint samples of colors in our bedroom. Oh, was I supposed to wait to do that?

Did you know that you can get incredibly cute little sample jars of paint colors? I've seen them before but always felt like they were a waste of money - but I really don't want to end up with a color I hate in my bedroom. We narrowed our choices down to two colors and they quickly mixed up the sample jars for us. I got a free Valspar sample in the mail a while ago and it came with the cutest little paint tray and roller that are perfect for putting sample colors on the walls.

Here we have Behr Dark Granite and Suede Grey.

I'm not actually crazy about either color - the Dark Granite seems pretty dark and the Suede Grey has a tinge of purple to it that I'm not excited about. I'll let them dry and put on another coat and see how I feel.
Update to come!

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Leslie said...

The dark looks really dark. The suede gray might look good on one wall, but it seems pretty dark, too--hard to tell here. Paint tends to look darker when it dries and it's a whole room.
Just a little info. from one who used to paint rooms. Great idea to do the samples--you can't tell at all from the little pieces of paper with paint on them. Those are just for pinterest projects!