Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There is a bed in my living room.

The bed has been in the living room since Saturday morning. The hubs is assembling our actual bed in the newly painted bedroom as I type, and it doesn't come a moment too soon! The last two nights have been full of restless sleep and I'm fairly sure that "the mess that is my house" has finally caught up to me.
So while the hubs gets intimate with the allen wrench, I'm browsing Banana Republic dot com and drooling over cardigans. Don't get me wrong, this little heat wave can stay as long as it wants (I'm not done with summer yet!) but in the meantime, I'll be watching for these to go on sale:

Short sleeved stripes!

This is most definitely my favorite length. Great color, too.

I might need some new two-tone pumps to go with the new cardies, yes? (Note: These actually are on sale!)

I hear loud thumping and crashing in the other room, so I better close down and see if the hubs needs me to hold something. It's hard to keep those large pieces of particle board at the right right-angle to screw them together.
I promise I'll post pics of the finished bedroom once we get the furniture back in!


Christina Nina said...

love the shoes! It was good that Chris took time to put it together - you had valuable search time :P

Chris R. said...

GO HUBS! The bed looks really good in there too, good Job on selecting everything!