Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anniversary #6

In honor of our 6th anniversary, the Hubs and I decided to head out of town. Leaving my sister with the zoo at home, we hopped in our car Thursday night and ventured south to the land of San Diego. Thanks to a family friend, we had three fantastic nights in nice hotels close to everything we might want to do.
Knowing my sister was coming, we cleaned out the nice big coffee pot and bought her a fresh bag of brew. There was cider in the fridge and mac 'n cheese in the cupboard. We were ready to head out.

We spent a significant portion of Friday wandering the San Diego Safari Park.
The Hubs has always liked ducks. After ten minutes of picture taking, I dragged him away from the lagoon. I was a little afraid he may try to take one home with him.

He also discovered that he likes bats. "They're like monkeys with wings," he said, as we watched them crawl and hop and hang in their enclosure. Yes, honey, yes they are. And so am I...

I discovered I really like rhinos. I'm still not sure why. But they are fascinating. And they have funny butts with little tails. We were here for a while.

BABY ELEPHANT! SO CUTE. I DIE. (We spent a long time with the elephants, too.)

Let's ride the safari tram! Twice!

In which the Hubs discovers he's about the same size as a gorilla.

We also watched a cheetah run (Off leash!) and it was so fast that all the pictures Hubs took are blurry (duh). Kudos for trying. We discovered that baby flamingos are fuzzy and grey and that grown flamingos are pink because of the food they eat. We learned that walking for six and a half hours will make your feet very tired - but not too tired to walk to Little Italy for dinner.

We had fabulous food, great wine, and a lovely little table right on the sidewalk. You could almost pretend you were in Italy. Except our waiter was decidedly NOT Italian and there were way too many SUVs parked at the curb for us to be remotely near an Italian street. Then we walked back to the hotel and had a glass of wine on the balcony of our room, overlooking the harbor, watching the boats go by. And then watched some Alaska show on TV. (We don't have any channels at home and when we do have the opportunity to watch TV, we end up on Discovery, History, or TLC without fail.)

Saturday found us exploring the area near our hotel and then venturing to Coronado, somewhere I'd never been but quickly decided I loved. Beer with lunch on a patio, warm poolside relaxation... It was just like vacation should be.  

Hotel View #1:

The Best Cup of Coffee You've Ever Tasted (or so claims the menu)

Lunch with a view

Since we hadn't played Tourist enough, we rented bikes on Sunday and pedaled all over Coronado. I think we need to move there.

Bike Love

Until next time...

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