Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In which we are towed.

Today we got to get towed. Again. Second time in a week. On our way to get the tires rotated and aligned, the truck died again so we spend six hours not just getting the tires rotated and aligned but having a technician look at the truck, suggest a new battery, install a battery, get on our way again only to have the truck die again on the freeway. AAA to the rescue and on to the Nissan dealership to actually deal with the problem. Then the wait for the complimentary shuttle home. SIX HOURS.

The hubs thought it was the alternator and tried to fix it, but we discovered on the way to the tire shop that it wasn't fixed. The tire shop technician thought it was the battery so we installed a new one but discovered on the way home that it wasn't the battery. The dealership technician seems to think it has something to do with a short in a fuse... So we shall see.

The hubs was so stressed out when we got home he had to take a nap. I spent some time with Community and The Bloggess to cheer up. Fetch with Charlie helps, too.

Well, this looks familiar...

I will say that the AAA tow truck drivers are really nice, despite their greasy fingernails and tough-man demeanor. With Tow Truck Driver #1 (who cheerfully brought us from Woodland Hills to home, all 40 miles) we discussed gas prices and heard all about how he wants to move to Austin, Texas. It has a river that runs right through it and they're nowhere near as liberal as the state of California.

Our shuttle driver from the dealership to home was actually a preacher and poet. He has a knack for acronyms and was so nice to recite one of his poems for us. His book of poetry comes out in January and maybe I'll share the website of his publisher one of these days when his book is out. He came up with this acronym for TRASH: Try Recycling And Save Humanity. The Good Lord gave him that. Also, HOLY BIBLE stands for Heaven Only Loves You and Bible Is Basic instruction for Leaving Earth. I may have texted these to my BFF so I didn't forget them. I couldn't make these up if I tried. He was very nice.

Now that DH has de-stressed, we'll get in my car and head to the in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday where we will be thankful that we have more than one vehicle so we can get around.

May your Thanksgiving be full of gratefulness, gravy, and tryptophan naps.

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Christina Nina said...

You deserve first dibs on gravy for your dinner today and desserts. What an experience!!