Sunday, January 25, 2015

And for the Holidays, there was a Break

This year was rather uneventful as Holiday breaks go. We had the normal winter cold, family time, dog-runs-through-the-sliding-glass-door, stockings, presents, and schizophrenic SoCal weather.
A few small tidbits:

Christmas Caramels happened again. Just as yummy as last year. 

Everything tastes better in pretty packages. 

My sister wraps the cutest presents. Even cuter when they're from Italy.

 Mikey's favorite presents are the ones that are unwrapped.

 The Hubs got quite the gift this year. And it was delivered just in time for Christmas!

The girls spent some time wine-ing and dining in Temecula again. The weather was a bit frightful but the time together was, of course, delightful. 

 We took the dogs out to celebrate the New Year - it was a gorgeous day for a hike and it totally wore them out. We need to do this more often in 2015!

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