Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cabinet Therapy

Anyone who has been following my updates on Facebook knows that I've been spending a considerable (basically almost insane. scratch the 'almost' - absolutely insane) amount of time sanding, priming, and now painting the cabinet doors that hung in the hallway. While puttering about in the garage I found myself thinking of my life in terms of Facebook status updates. This means I'm either plain old contemplative or spending way (way way way) too much time on Facebook... Regardless, many of my thoughts lately area along the lines of:
"Emily is... considering life and what the future may hold in terms of what is next for her."
"Emily is... taking out her anger on the cabinets as she sands away her frustration."
"Emily is... looking forward to change and the challenge of patience, trust, and faith."
"Emily is... wanting a large, shaken-iced-tea-lemonade with passion tea, sweetened with rasberry from Starbucks and is sending telepathic vibes to her husband who is out running errands."

Ok, so I never got the tea (darn vibes) but I've learned that when life throws you a curveball, you can sand the hell out of it with a Black&Decker Mighty-Mouse and gain some personal insight and self-satisfaction at a job well done.

No matter what the future holds, my hallway is going to kick-ass.

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